About us

Our company

We are structured around the South-African community forum known to many as Bassfishing.co.za - whilst we are at it, please also have a look at our parent site for all the industry talk and anglers talk amongst forum members.

The startup started a while back but took some time to get off the ground. Based upon bassfishing.co.za we thought it will provide some added value to the general fishermen visiting our site and wanting to explore baits mentioned and offer further inputs as required. 

Our first man in line with the business concept is Andy de Jager who himself is an avid bass fisherman (including doing some shore angling as and when) and a father of two, who would whenever there is some time available go out in search of some green fish:

Andy de Jager

Our second man in charge and slowly getting into the green fish is Roelof Jonkers. Also in general an avid bass fisherman (as well as artlure fishing facet for freshwater).

Roelof Jonkers

We endeavour to provide a service to the public in terms of a fishing experience based on selling you your favourite baits as well as any other fishing related gear. Please stick with us - we are still rolling out and hope to add more products in the future.

If there is anything you need in terms of tackle or information, please feel free to drop us a mail at info@basstackle.co.za

Best regards,

Team Bass Tackle!